ARTES 4.0 Call For Ideas

This is an invitation to submit ideas for long-term, preliminary studies and technology development-related activities. To submit ideas, you are requested to fill in a questionnaire using the online form:


ARTES 4.0 Call For Ideas - Online Submission Form  


The Call For Ideas (CFI) is issued to gather valuable input from the satellite communication industry and experts to help ESA establish relevant work plans for the Advanced Research In Telecommunications Systems (ARTES) programme to meet future satellite communication needs. The CFI covers Generic and Strategic areas of satellite communication.ARTES Call For SATCOM Ideas

The Call for Ideas is continuously open. Guidelines for idea proposals are found here.

Submitted ideas will be assessed for their

  • innovation, credibility and feasibility,
  • commercial, strategic and technological relevance,
  • performance impacts at sub-system or system level
  • direct or indirect business opportunity for the ARTES Member States’ industry

Resulting activities are implemented either under ARTES Future Preparation or under ARTES Advanced Technology. For both programs elements activities receive up to 100% funding and contractors are selected through competitive open invitation to tenders (ITT).

ARTES Future Preparation: The strategy component of the ARTES Programme

ARTES Future Preparation features a rolling work plan that is continuously updated throughout the year. There is therefore no specific cut-off date for submitting ideas. Under Future Preparation we are specifically interested in your ideas related to:

  • generating better insight into market evolution across the full satcom value chain
  • defining and studying new satcom system concepts and architectures
  • new downstream service and application possibilities
  • identifying future technology development needs
  • highlighting technology spin-in opportunities from other high-tech industrial sectors
  • improving the integration of satellite networks with terrestrial ones
  • investigating more efficient usage and greater access to frequency spectrum
  • supporting standardisation activities to promote growth 
  • removing barriers to entry and growth for the satcom sector

ARTES focuses on research and development of new systems, technologies and techniques

The idea submission cut-off date for the
2024 ARTES Technology Work Plans is

for re-submitted ideas: Friday, 02 Feb 2024 6PM CET


for all Ideas: Friday, 16 Feb 2024 6PM CET


The ARTES Technology Call for Ideas covers the ARTES Advanced Technology and Strategic Programme Lines:

ARTES Advanced Technology supports the early steps of product development: the design phase and the verification testing phase. Formal qualification and industrialisation are not supported under this element but under ARTES Competitiveness and Growth (Industry initiated). By ensuring the long-term readiness of technologies, industry will be able to prepare for future commercial or institutional opportunities. 

The Generic Program Line targets the following areas:

  • Telecom systems (e.g. end-to-end satcom systems, network protocols, propagation, resource management, air interfaces),
  • Telecom satellite platforms (e.g. attitude & orbit control, mechanical, thermal, power and propulsion techniques, devices, equipment and systems)
  • Telecom satellite payloads (e.g. antenna, repeater, and signal processing techniques, devices, equipment and systems)
  • Ground segment of telecommunication systems (e.g. satellite user terminals, gateway, network, operations and mission control techniques, devices, equipment and systems)

The Strategic Program Line Optical and Quantum Communication – ScyLight – targets

  • Optical and quantum communication technologies to build the next generation of Telecom satellite systems. 
  • Supporting both the standardization, as well maturation and development in harmony with developing commercial user needs of key stakeholders. 
  • The establishment of a high throughput optical network (HydRON) that seamlessly extends existing terrestrial fibre networks into space (from LEO to GEO) by adding an optically inter-connected satellite layer cap.

The Strategic Program Line Space for 5G and 6G targets

  • Satellites and space technologies to build and operate such future 5G and 6G networks, providing resilient, seamless, and ubiquitous connectivity to both urban and remote areas; this supports many vertical markets including telehealth, autonomous travel, emergency services, and smart farming. We support technology development, standardization, development of testbeds and trials thus bridging the economic and digital gap.

The Strategic Program Line Space Systems for Safety and Security (4S) targets

  • Next generation secure telecom satellite systems and technologies, including support to standardization, for more safety, security and resilience in transport (air, maritime, land), essential services and critical infrastructures (related to e.g. utilities), and governmental and institutional services (e.g. disaster and emergency systems, secured resource management and operations, cyber-secured cloudification and virtualisation, higher layer encryption protocols, (quantum) key distribution, command, control and telemetry communication for safety critical applications)