Optical & Quantum Communications

Optical and quantum technologies will revolutionise connectivity on a global scale. They will boost the performance, security and resilience of our satellites exponentially, and help us safeguard our data at levels which previously were inconceivable.

ESA`s strategic programme line Space for Optical & Quantum Communications kickstarts the development of these disruptive technologies, supports the industry with research, initiates studies, plans pilots, and defines critical technology roadmaps. It is driven by the worldwide evolution towards global, digital networks moving vast amounts of data around the world. ScyLight bundles and strengthens Europe’s diverse, early-stage and increasingly advanced activities in the satcom market segment, and intends to bring these emerging technologies and businesses to maturity and commercial fruition as quickly as possible. The ScyLight programme line focuses on the development of optical inter satellite links, space to ground links, airborne optical terminals, optical ground stations and photonics for super-performant optical up- and downlinks. 

Optical & Quantum Communications: We are the laboratory, we are the incubator, we are the enabler of Europe’s future in space.


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