Space for 5G and 6G

5G and 6G are the next two generations of cellular connectivity and the next big leap forward for terrestrial and satellite telecommunications.

They will allow us to be connected to everything, everywhere, at any time and nearly any speed. Satellites and space technologies are instrumental to build and operate such future 5G and 6G networks. They offer unique advantages in terms of security, resilience, coverage, and mobility; they remain the only way to make 5G and 6G available everywhere, accessible to enterprises and citizens all across Europe. ESA`s strategic programme line Space for 5G & 6G demonstrates the essential nature of satellites for 5G and 6G. It sets the standards and frameworks for hybrid and downstream interoperability, as well as the base for integrating terrestrial networks with satellites.

We build innovation hubs and testbeds for 5G and 6G pilots and trials.

We draw technology and product roadmaps; we support and foster the development of integrated value-added applications and services. Space for 5G & 6G:

We help overcome the digital divide.

We connect Europe.

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