Credit: TippaPatt
Credit: TippaPatt


ARTES AGILE+ is a new initiative from ESA aimed at facilitating the development of future products and services for the satcom sector. These development opportunities are available within the ARTES 4.0 programme lines including: 

Who will benefit from ARTES AGILE+?

ARTES AGILE+ is aimed at new sectors, organisations and businesses to further expand and exploit the opportunities that satellite communications provide, de-risking and maturing technologies with ESA support. This allows ESA to support fail-fast, iterative design and lean development approaches undertaken by Industry.

How is ARTES AGILE+ different from other opportunities?

ARTES AGILE+ is focusing on simplifying and speeding up the application process and accelerate the time to market for the fast turn-around of activities where ESA funding is capped at €500,000. The application process for AGILE+ projects has been simplified and made more flexible to support a wider range of development approaches.


  • Facilitate definition, technical de-risking, product development and demonstration activities for satcom hardware, software, systems or services critical for accessing near term market opportunities
  • Foster innovation and support opportunistic developments 
  • Reduce risks for stakeholders
  • Allow rapid development approaches such as iterative and lean design
  • Provide an accessible path for newcomers to the space sector to gain experience working with ESA 
  • Rapid application process using new and simplified ESA templates 


If you are interested in the ARTES AGILE+ programme, ESA have devised a simplified two stage application process. Please note that outline and full proposals can only be considered if submitted using the Proposal Templates which can be found on our Documents page.

To keep the process as simple as possible, the two-step application process uses a single proposal template, parts of which are required to be completed at the Outline Proposal stage, with the remainder to be completed in the Full Proposal.

1.    Outline Proposal

Using the templates provided, once submitted, this proposal will be evaluated, and feedback will be provided typically within 10 working days. After evaluating the outline proposal, ESA will invite successful parties to submit a full proposal 

2.    Full Proposal

Once the full proposal has been received, the Tenderer can typically expect to receive a response within 4 weeks.  

As ARTES 4.0 is an optional programme of ESA, every activity has to receive explicit financial authorisation from the National Delegation(s)  of the relevant countries of the consortium. The Tenderer and its Subcontractor(s) should therefore contact their National Delegation(s) to obtain a letter of authorisation for funding for the proposed activity before submitting their Full Proposal. 

Please note that the Tenderer shall not change the structure of the Proposal Template (i.e. the table of contents must remain unchanged) and adhere to its guidelines and requirements. However, the format and layout can be modified to be in line with the Tenderer’s corporate identity. 

All the information to apply are available in the ARTES Technology and Products Development Standard Call for Proposals on esa-star. Therefore, it’s necessary to be registered in esa-star.