The objective of this activity is to design, develop and test a device that will enable fast (almost instantaneous) connection of two waveguides eliminating need for laborious removal and reinstallation of numerous nuts and bolts from the waveguide flanges. The connection achieved with this assembly shall demonstrate high reliability both in mechanical and electrical aspects and minimise the risk of assembly error. Targeted Improvements:- 95% connection time saving.- reduced flange surface and mass by 20% to 40%.- enabling complex and compact assemblies not possible with conventional connection techniquesDescription:Commercially available waveguides for ground applications may be either of rigid wall or flexible variety and their cross-sectional shapes are usually rectangular, circular or elliptical. Because waveguides are essentially hollow tubes, they are typically connected with the flanges that are bolted together using nuts and bolts at prescribed torque. The installation/connection time for waveguides is largely dictated by thetime it takes to remove or fix and secure the screws. The importance of having the right amount of torque applied is a driver for product assurance aspects, which is often a source of failure. With the trend of more complex and integrated assemblies it is often difficult to access mounting points and new connection solutions are needed in particular for multi-feed/beamforming ground terminals.The activity will design, manufacture and test a fast-locking waveguide connection solution allowing users to rapidly and securelyconnect and disconnect waveguides assemblies where today's standard flange solution fails. The fast-locking connection shall achieve a RF performance similar to today's flange connection. Rectangular, circular and elliptic waveguide cross sections will be considered. The solution will be evaluated for high RF power operation (100 W) and passive intermodulation performance will be tested. An assessment of the suitability of the identified solution for use in space will be carried out. Footnote: On Delegation Request activities will only be initiated on the explicit request of at least one National Delegation.

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