ScyLight Workshop on Optical Communication 2018

At the occasion of the 2016 Ministerial Council, ESA's Telecommunications and Integrated Applications Directorate (TIA) launched a new ARTES programme on Optical Communication Technologies called ScyLight (SeCure and Laser communication Technology,pronounced "skylight") which is dealing with 4 different thematic lines:

  • System Level Aspects on Optical Communications
  • Optical Communication Terminal Technology; 
  • Intra-Satellite Photonics/ Optical Payloads; 
  • Quantum Cryptography Technologies and initial services demonstration.  

At our first ScyLight Workshop in Feb 2017, ESA proposed that it would like to provide a forum for regular discussion for all relevant stakeholders within the domain of ScyLight activities. We would therefore like to give you this opportunity by inviting you to join us at our 2018 ScyLight Workshop, in Florence, Italy.

While the first workshops were focused on the introduction of the programme and to provide a some overview on industrial capabilities, the purpose of this workshop is to be a networking event for the "Optical and Quantum Communication" community.

The workshop will give an opportunity for you to present and discuss the progress and advances that have been made in the optical communication domain since last year.

The workshop will be organised in 4 sequential blocks, addressing

  • Optical Communication Technology on System Level
  • Future and challenges on Optical Communication Terminal developments
  • Trends and challenges on Intra-Satellite Photonics / Optical Payloads
  • Space based Quantum Cryptography Technologies

For each of the topics, interested participants may request the opportunity to have a presentation/ Pitch Talk. You can propose your 30 Minute presentation, together with your registration. (Deadline for Talks: 14th  May 2018)

(Depending on the number of requests by participants, the proposed timeline in the agenda will be adapted. ESA reserves the right to down select proposed talks.)

A dinner will be held, to which you are cordially invited on the evening of the 6th of June.

For REGISTRATION, click here.  


The workshop also plays host to the first official gathering of the SES Quartz consortium. Read more HERE
Quartz is supported by ESA, and will see prime SES and its consortium define, design and develop a satellite-based Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) system and service architecture, which will include the future service and the core technologies, as well as ground end-to-end testing. 
Published 04 May 2018
Last updated at 07 March 2019 - 16:45