Second ScyLight Workshop 2018 Highlights

On the 6th and 7th June 2018, the second annual ScyLight workshop took place in the historic Italian town of Florence, providing the opportunity to the stakeholders to network and share ongoing activities.

More than one hundred attendees, comprising industrial representatives of sixteen ESA Member States, ESA staff members, ESA national delegates and academic researchers discussed the progress made during the last twelve  months on Optical Communication Technologies and space based Quantum Cryptography applications.

ScyLight workshop attendees

Twenty-five speakers presented the achievements and progress made since the last ScyLight workshop, whilst also providing an overview of on-going and planned activities by the European and Canadian industry and researchers.

With the high attendance of representatives from all areas of the ScyLight community, SES used the workshop to present its partners in the SES Quartz consortium

Harald Hauschildt, the ScyLight Programme Manager from ESA said: “The workshop reflected great interest in Optical Communication Technologies in the satcom arena and presented the capabilities of the European and Canadian Industry in this field.” He added: “The information gathered at the workshop, together with additional roundtable discussions planned in the near future, will help to identify the technical challenges on satcom-related Optical Communication Technologies and will foster cooperation among industrial partners and researchers in this challenging domain.”

Carlo Elia, Head of TIA-T, speaking to the attendees Harald Hauschildt, European Space Agency, ARTES ScyLight Manager

During the course, the community expressed the usefulness and interest in having the opportunity to meet together on the regular basis, offered by the workshop.

The ESA ScyLight team thanked all the attendees for making the event successful. Next year’s workshop will be announced on the ARTES website with information about the location and date.

ScyLight workshop attendees

Published 16 July 2018
Last updated at 17 July 2018 - 09:42