The objective of the activity is to investigate, develop and test conformal Printed Circuit Board (PCB) technology using a novel approach, such as additive manufacturing to "print" the antenna for the automotive market. Targeted Improvements: Enabling conformal board of patches with distribution feed and integration of amplifiers on the reverse side, able to follow the shape of a car roof. Description: Conventional PCB technology is an appealing technology to implement cost-effective antennas that could meet the automotive market needs. However, flat surfaces do not fit easily into car rooftops while multilayer PCBs can hardly be shaped. The aim of this activity is to develop conformal PCB technology that could be compatible with the design of shaped antennas. One approach could be to use additive manufacturing to "print" an antenna that follows the shape of the surface. Metal printing has been demonstrated and could be investigated. The suitability of different types of material that can be printed will be investigated for this application. As part of the initial study, investigations about the suitability of the technology to create antennas at common satellite communication frequency bands (e.g. S, Ku) will be carried out (looking at the accuracy and ability to create elements of larger sizes for example). The technology shall demonstrate the ability to produce an antenna curved in 2 axes. Two breadboards for different frequencies will be realised in the activity. Assembly of active components onto the antenna will also be addressed within the activity. Procurement Policy: C(1) = Activity restricted to non-prime contractors (incl. SMEs). For additional information please go to:…

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