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The performed activity is in response to an imminent market need for Agile Converters for Ka/IF and Q- and V-band, of which the proposed Agile synthesized LO and digital gain control (DCLO – Digital Control & LO) module is a key part. The DCLO is a generic function that is intended to be used in different applications, especially converters and receivers interfacing payload processors at different frequencies.


The main challenge is to achieve a flexible design while delivering  good phase noise and low spurious levels at the output of the final Converter/Receiver.


The adoption of digital control allows faster factory configuration of frequency converters and receivers, reduced NRE and the possibility of changes to frequency plans during satellite integration or in service.


The product provides software control of the converter/receiver’s  frequency and gain via telecommand.

System Architecture

The Agile Converter combines a modular architecture with software controlled local frequency and gain to flexibly address a wide range of frequency converter and receive requirements.


The project has consolidated user requirements, developed a preliminary design and evaluated the DCLO element via the assembly and testing of a breadboard.

Current status

The Project has been successfully completed and compliance to the  consolidated requirements  have been verified on an integrated breadboard. 

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