All-IP Broadcast Satellite Networks Technologies and Demonstration

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The objectives of the project are:

- Derive the functional architecture for the IMS-based IPTV service platform over DVB-S2 based adaptive Ka-band satellite systems for three service categories: broadcast, deferred download content on demand and interactive services integrated with TV programming;

- Define the specifications for the end-to-end IMS-based IPTV service platform derived from existing terrestrial standards and optimized for the reference satellite system scenario. Contributions to the relevant standardization groups (e.g. ETSI TISPAN, Open IPTV Forum) will be provided if adaptations are necessary.

- Identification of technology gaps from existing solutions for the deployment of the end-to-end platform over the reference satellite system scenario. The technology gaps analysis will address both, the service platform and the underlying satellite transport network;

- Definition, design, development and testing in a laboratory environment, of an end-to-end demonstrator representative of the satellite system and the IMS-based IPTV service platform. The test campaign will include the end-to-end performance assessment for each of the three service categories.


There are several key areas of innovation that will be specifically addressed by the consortium. These areas are important to the overall service concepts under discussion in Ka-band satellite:

•          The use of scalable video coding in combination with Ka band variable coding and modulation techniques.

•          The integration of IMS media session technology with Ka band transmission path technology.

•          The integration of IMS networks with media platforms for the delivery of the three required service classes: broadcast, (deferred) on-demand and interactive.

•          The impact of different satellite conditions on these services classes

•          The architecture and technology of the home network to deliver these different

•          service classes to the end users.


The high level architecture of the project is displayed below. The key features of the elements are also displayed.

Functional architecture of a hybrid IMS – Satellite platform


This project was completed at Q3 2015.

Current status

The project is closed, final presentation was held on November 5th 2015.

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