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The main objectives of the project are to define and consolidate detailed User & System requirements, develop the system architecture of a the Secured Pooling & Sharing System (PSS) using a proper security-by-design process, evaluate performances and concepts of operations with an early prototype (BESecured PSS Alpha) that can provide the basis for a future Secure Commercial Pooling & Sharing System governmental-grade to be further implemented from 2021 onwards (BESecured PSS Version 1 and BESecured PSS Version 2 – full commercial version).

In addition, the project has the aim to identify the technological and security challenges that could arise over the long-term evolution (5-10 years) of this system.  


Leveraging on previous ESA studies and the experience of the involved partners, it has to address a set of technically complex problems:

Matchmaking management for SatCom resources

Provision of a governmental-grade robustness and quality (resilience, security – including physical security)

Definition and implementation of  a proper business model and governance structure for the delivery of the P&S Service


BESecured PSS will offer:

  • Security-by-design approach
  • A built-in Security Operation Centre to detect and react to cyber threats
  • Tailored procedures designed for service providers to simplify service offering.
  • Transparent and easy to use Mission Planner to simplify client service request process.

The aim of the BESecured Pooling & Sharing system is to create a unified solution that seamlessly provides the available services to different end-users in different security domains, needs and regions.

This is achieved by managing service requests from any user with appropriate prioritization and security treatment, planning and executing those service requirements from service initiation to delivery including receiving and transmitting communications provided by a federation of different satellites, operators and service providers.

System Architecture

Below, a very high level architecture of the BESecured PSS:

BESecured PSS will be based on a distributed architecture, composed by the following macro components:

  • P&S Core, developed by SatADSL
  • User Mission Configurator, developed by RHEA
  • Satellite Virtual Hub, developed by ST Engineering iDirect
  • Security Operation Centre, developed by RHEA

The project is divided in two phases:

  • Definition Phase (from October 2020 to January 2021)
  • Technology Phase (from February 2021 to January 2022)
Current status

The project Kick Off has been performed at the beginning of October 2020 and the team is proceeding on the Definition Phase.

User Requirements and Use Cases have been developed, and as well a first security Risk Assessment iteration over the entire system providing necessary information to increase the physical and cyber resilience of the system, following proper security-by-design processes.

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