Compact S-band diplexer for small satellites TT&C Compact S-band diplexer for small satellites TT&C

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The objective of the activity is to design, manufacture and test a TT&C diplexer at S-Band for small sat applications with a reduced volume and mass.

S-band TT&C systems are commonly used in telecommunication satellites for the link between the spacecraft and ground stations during flight and orbit raising until the satellite reaches its nominal orbit. TT&C systems commonly comprise a diplexer which separates receive and transmit paths. S-band diplexers are typically the bulky component in TT&C modules. Reducing its size could lead to a significant reduction in volume of the whole unit. This is particularly important in small satellites where the size and mass are critical parameters.


The key challenge is to develop a very compact, yet feasible and manufacturable technical solution which is affordable for cost sensitive small sat applications.


A product that is smaller and lighter than existing state of the art solutions, immune to multipactor and corona at nominal RF power level of 5W.


Very good RF parameters (Insertion Loss, isolation, return loss) in 5W power class that fulfils most current application requirements, ready to use at launch (multipactor and corona safe).

System Architecture

The diplexer consists of 2 band pass filters and a connecting manifold network (typically a star point connection).


This is an R&D activity with milestones at Baseline Design Review, Critical Design Review, Test Review Board 1 and 2.

Current status

The project has just started.

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