ConSim - Space system design of satellite constellations, including Security Aspects for Governmental and Institutional Services

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The objective of the activity is to design, develop and test methodologies and algorithms supporting trade-off analysis, performance evaluation, and operational concept of large non-geostationary constellations for commercial and secure communications. 

The methodologies and algorithms developed shall be applied and tested in a software simulation on a satellite constellation for commercial and secure services.

The envisaged software tool may be used to solve major design challenges such as:

  • Radio resource management of secured services

  • Design of layered constellation architectures and mobile terminals across national boundaries

  • Assessment of system performance during different deployment phases

  • Consideration of interference constraints and multi system coexistence

  • Ensuring system compliance to security and international radio regulations

  • Sensitivity analysis in order to derive system design trade-offs


Main Challenge is the design of the simulation tool in order to support the requested product features.


See product features.


The focus of this activity lies on the development of a software tool for the design of large-scale satellite constellations for secure communication services.

Main Features:

  • Support of large NGSO multi-layered constellations with a minimum of 500 satellites

  • Easy-to-use user interface as well as visualization capabilities of the considered system scenario.

  • Modelling of the dynamic radio resource management (RRM), medium access control (MAC) and the network layer

  • Modelling of inter-satellite links in the constellation

  • Security and legal constraints considerations with respect to the exchanged traffic in the satellite network

System Architecture
High Level Block Diagram, Interfaces and Operation Concept of the Software Tool
High Level Block Diagram, Interfaces and Operation Concept of the Software Tool

The project consists of 7 technical workpackages, resulting into 4 intermediate milestones and project closure milestone FR (Final Review)

project planproject plan 2

Current status

The project was officially kicked-off in 02-May-2023. We are now working on the first 2 work packages, WP0000 (Define System Scenario) and WP1000 (Finalize Technical Specification), with an expected duration until October 2023.