CYBERSAT - Cyber Threats on SATCOM Networks and Impacts on the Global Society

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The objectives of the project are: 
     • To identify and analyse the current and future cybersecurity regulations and to assess their impact on the design, development and operations of the current and future SATCOM systems and services;
     • To identify potential new opportunities for SATCOM systems made available by the current and future cybersecurity regulations;
     • To create relationships with regulators and stakeholders in the cybersecurity field so as to promote a concrete plan of actions for the deployment and use of SATCOM systems and services in a cybersecure environment.


Cybersecurity was originally generated and applied to the digital world composed of computer networks in which people and computer coexist, and which includes all the aspects of online activity.  

Nowadays, cybersecurity is becoming more and more important also in the space sector, having close synergies with that digital word.

However, there is not a systematic unified approach to cybersecurity in satellite systems and services, but several regulatory frameworks that, directly or indirectly, deal with or have an impact on their security. The main challenge is to address this multifaceted regulatory framework, and to identify and analyse the cyber security regulations impacting on the SATCOM systems. 


The main benefits of the CYBERSAT project are:
     - Identification and systematic analysis of the cyber security,  cross-sector regulations issued at European level (e.g. relevant to electronic communications, personal data, cybersecurity, critical infrastructures, cybercrime, interception and data retention, space law, IoT);
     - Identification and systematic analysis of the sector-specific regulations issued at European level (e.g. relevant to energy and transport infrastructures);
     - Benchmarking with cybersecurity regulations issued at national level (in European and non-European countries);
     - Analysis of the impact of the cybersecurity regulations on the overall SATCOM systems value chain and relevant actors, from design and development activities up to service deployment and operations.


The main product of the CYBERSAT project is a set of technical notes reporting the results of the Study.

System Architecture

The typical SATCOM system architectures are appropriate since the application of the analysed cybersecurity regulations does not call for significant changes. 


The project is organised in the following main phases and milestones:
     - Identification and analysis of the relevant cyber security regulations, concluding with the Regulatory Review (RR);
     - Analysis of the impact of the cyber security regulations on the SATCOM systems, concluding with the Impact Review (IR);
     - Assessment of potential new SATCOM systems and services fostered by the cyber security regulations, concluding with the Proposed New Systems & Services Reviews (PNSSR/NSSR);
     - Dissemination of results, concluding with Webinar/Workshop/Final Review (FR).

Current status

The project is concluded.