ESA ARTES 5G SPECTRA ESA ARTES Radio Performance Specification Studies for 5G Non-Terrestrial Networks: Satellite Performance Evaluation for Coexistence with Terrestrial Radio Applications “5G SPECTRA”

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Identify the most relevant scenarios and use cases. Review relevant 3GPP technical specifications, ITU-R docs channel models, and the state of the art in the scientific literature and 5G system simulators. Identify issues and technical challenges in relation to specific scenarios. Finally, select the most relevant use cases to be further analysed via the radio performance assessment tool.

Define a complete, self-standing and traceable set of technical requirements for the Radio Performance Tool (RPT). The requirements shall be at a sufficient level of detail to demonstrate, by means of a final compliance statement, that the activity objectives have been met.

Establish a detailed design and demonstrate, by appropriate analyses, tests or other means, that RPT is capable of satisfying the technical requirements.

Implement the deliverable items and establish a plan necessary to successfully test the deliverable (RPT) items and verify their compliance to the technical specifications.

Quantify the performances of the RPT by means of a suitable test campaign and demonstrate compliance to the technical requirements.

Assess the results from the RPT in terms of future 3GPP co-existence studies contributions.


The main challenge area that this project is looking to investigate, and tackle, is the feasibility of NTN and TN coexistence, under a different combination of interference scenarios (i.e., NTN NR - TN NR, NTN NR – NTN NB-IoT, etc.) and at challenging, in terms of coexistence, frequency bands, such as FR2.


This project envisions to take the space industry and standards one step further towards the harmonious coexistence of NTN and TN under the 5G/6G umbrella.


The main objective of the project is to develop a radio performance analysis tool (RPT) to evaluate and assess 5G-Satellite co-existence scenarios. The project focus initially falls under identifying the most relevant scenarios and use cases to study NTN-TN co-existence in specific frequency bands (FR1 and FR2) and analyse and assess those scenarios via the RPT tool. The requirements for the RPT will be based on state-of-the-art 3GPP specifications and on-going RAN4 standardisation activities. After the implementation of the use case scenarios in the RPT, the performance findings will be verified to demonstrate compliance to technical specifications/requirements. The resulting conclusions will be provided as inputs to the 3GPP-related special groups to contribute to the ongoing standardisation on 3GPP NTN-TN co-existence studies in order to influence the specification of 5G NTN radio performance.

System Architecture

The radio performance tool developed within this project will be used to analyse various terrestrial and non-terrestrial co-existence and interference scenarios based on TN-NTN architectures sharing the same geographical area, and on adjacent frequency channels. Various TN-NTN co-existence use-cases and interference scenarios for FR2 frequency bands are illustrated in the following Figure.



The project is 15 months in duration and is broken into 5 Work Packages with 7 deliverables: 

  • State-of-the-Art Survey and Critical Assessment of NTN-TN coexistence studies (complete)

  • Finalised Technical Specifications for RPT and verification approach (complete)

  • Design document for RPT and Implementation Plan (October 2023)

  • User Manual for RTP (December 2023)

  • Verification and Compliance document (December 2023) 

  • Analysed Initial Test Results Report (December 2023) 

  • System Level Simulator for NTN/TN co-existence analyses (RPT tool – V1) (December 2023)  

  • Test and Verification Plan (April 2024)

  • Analysed Test Results from the RPT (April 2024)

  • System Level Simulator for NTN/TN co-existence analyses (V2-Updated) (April 2024)

  • Development roadmap issue 1 (December 2023)

  • Development roadmap issue 2 (April 2024)

  • Final Report (April 2024)

Current status

December 2023

The following deliverable is complete:

D3.1: Design document for RPT and Implementation Plan

The following deliverables have been submitted for review: 

D3.2: User Manual of the RTP
D3.3: Verification and Compliance document  (Statement of Compliance)
D3.4: Analysed Initial Test Results Report
D5.1: Development roadmap issue 1

A paper was presented at the Ka Band Conference in Bradford October.

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