Espresso for Schools

Status date

Espresso intend to demonstrate that satellite delivery is a viable and preferable delivery system for high-bandwidth applications, which enhance curriculum delivery in the classroom.

During the pilot operation Espresso will set up and run a complete end-to-end solution, including the active participation of up to two hundred UK schools from as many as fifteen UK Local Education Authorities (LEA). Our goal is to develop widespread commercial deployment to several thousand schools in the commercial development phases that will follow successful pilot operations.




The principal challenges which the project addresses are:

  • Design, development and implementation of Content, Customer and Broadcast Management systems to support seamless workflow of content development for broadcast and narrowcast;

  • Implementation and support of up to 200 Schools.

Espresso's video-rich content - regularly updated with news and events from the real world- delivered within educationally focused, interactive modules - will stimulate learning and enhance the delivery of the curriculum.

The technical solutions developed to implement the initial service offering will provide the basis for further development of new services and support for other tele-education applications.


See linked system architecture image.


  • During the pilot operation Espresso will develop, test and implement Content, Customer and Broadcast Management Systems to deliver EfS service.

  • Initial Delivery will be via Package Delivery followed by testing of Streamed Multicast.

  • Services to be offered to schools include Espresso Staffroom - an LEA Microchannel and Teacher Support Delivery Mechanism.
Current status

The Espresso for Schools pilot project under ARTES 3 has been successfully concluded at the end of December 1999. This web page will continue to exist (maintained by ESTEC) to provide information to track and report the progress undertaken by Espresso after the conclusion of the contractual activities of this project with ESA.