Eurostar 3000 AOCS Mk 1.5 Evolution

Status date

The AOCS Mk1.5 Evolution is the first step of Eurostar 3000 design to a full-STR AOCS. A redounded star tracker is implemented on the S/C and all associated on-board and ground processing have been developed and qualified to improve the on-station pointing performances and to provide additional mission capability and operations versatility.


 Thanks to the ARTES 34 AOCS Mk1.5 Evolution program, the following design and development activities were achieved:

  • AOCS Mk1.5  system architecture,
  • Eurostar 3000 accommodation of the STR hardware (mechanical, thermal, electrical),
  • STR equipment management and control loop flight software development,
  • AOCS design and performance demonstration,
  • Performances validation on the numerical test bench,
  • Hardware/Software integration and validation on the Avionic Test Bench (ATB).
  • The development and the validation of the complete flight software including the FDIR mechanisms and the modification of the system functions dedicated to AOCS and operations management.
  • The SW validation thanks to incremental software validation on SVB, FVB and ATB
  • The development and the validation of the ground software and flight operation procedures associated to the introduction of STR 
The schedule objective was to implement and validate the AOCS Mk1.5 evolution by end of 2013 in order to be ready for the AIT on the first satellite embedding the AOCS Mk1.5 configuration.
The use of a Star Tracker provides benefits in term of on-station 3 axis pointing performance improvement, additional mission capability and operations simplification and versatility.
Since the development of this E3000 AOCS evolution, five E3000 S/C with AOCS Mk1.5 configuration have been ordered by the leading worldwide telecom operators.

The project focuses on the system or subsystem activities required to integrate a full redounded STR, the complete algorithms for its management, but also all the critical processing for attitude control using STR measures.

AOCS architecture with STR:

 The project has been carried out with the following milestones:

  • Prior Work: March 2011                 
  • KO: October  2011             
  • FPM : March 2012                 
  • PDR : September 2012                        
  • TRR : January  2013              
  • CDR : July 2013                    
  • FR : December 2013                            
Current status

Final Review held in December 2013