FDISmallGEO - Further Development and Industrialization of the Generic SmallGEO Product Line

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Fig. Generic EM-Flatsat and EGSE SmallGEO Line, OHB

Individual items in this project are targeting system level improvements (Group A), assembly integration and test improvements (Group B) and addresses a ground crypto unit (Group C). The project includes individual activities, which contribute elements required for the future implementation of related missions. Each creates a special independent capability while all are linked on higher level to each other.


OHB System AG’s SmallGEO product line offers 3-axis-stabilized geostationary satellites with very high pointing accuracy, adaptable for telecommunication and Earth observation missions. The design-lifetime is 15 years. Depending on the propellant, the satellite mass at launch can vary  between  2,500  kg  and  3,500  kg,  whereby  the  individually  permitted payload can be up to 900 kg. As propulsion system a modern, high-efficient, full electrical design is foreseen. 

Current status

Further Development and Industrialization of the Generic SmallGEO Product Line project has been successfully executed and completed.

Telecommunication satellite systems are a means to create critical communications infrastructure, necessary for our todays “digital society”. In addition, the need to have a secured access and a security of the transferred information is rising continuously. The improvements strengthen the European capabilities for the manufacturing and security of Small satellites, for example we focused on various AIT activities related to development of generic EM Flatsat and EGSE, TVAC campaign optimization. OHB is in better competitive position to address the global markets.

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