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The objective of this project is to develop a Satellite modem for Internet access in rural areas with the DVB-S2 technology. The product will compliment all existing ADSL solutions. Where it is too expensive and /or infrastructure for broadband will never be built, the Forsway modem offers a cost effective, easy to use solution.


The Forsway S2 will be developed using the latest technology including:

  1. DVB-S2 technology (8PSK, CCM),
  2. Return path via GPRS/EDGE mobile technology,
  3. In-built graphical user interface,
  4. USB 2.0 for external storage of pushed data content,
  5. Possibility to use WLAN connectivity.

Some the main benefits of this new Forsway S2 product will be the following:

  1. The product will be easy to install use and support,
  2. It will be possible to replace the EDGE return channel with other technologies (PSTN/ISDN/RS232 e.g.),
  3. Software updates can be performed via Satellite,
  4. Several clients can share the connections via WLAN or external Switch,
  5. The product is targeting the rural areas and the developing countries where this will be a cheap solution for limited triple play (Internet access, Ip telephony and streaming TV content).

The overall duration of the project is 6 months and all of the work will be carried out directly by Forsway and 27M technologies staff.

Current status

The project is successfully completed.


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