Framework support to standardisation: Two-Way Satellite Market Survey (Sea&Space Exploration)

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The objectives of the project are:

  • To characterise the different user segments through a representative network and traffic profile.
  • To describe new features and requirements of two-way broadband satellite networks and terminals currently in the market and those in the planning phase.
  • To analyse the business case associated to each user segment.
  • To perform a sensitivity analysis to help establish the critical areas of improvement for the business related to each user segment.
  • To extract the trends in the evolution of the systems and recommend areas of development.

Manufacturers and Operators of two-way satellite broadband systems worldwide will be interviewed and provide key inputs to the survey.


This survey will be an important source of information for future ESA projects and for industry. It will also help in the decision-making process of the evolution of two-way satellite technology and standards.


The following broadband satellite products will be considered:

  • Fixed products targeting the consumer/soho, multi-dwelling, corporate and SCADA user segments,
  • Mobile products targeting the aeronautical, land-mobile, nomadic and maritime user segments.

The project has been initiated in February 2009 and will be completed in August.

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Current status

The project was completed in October 2009.

User segments characterisation
The 8 fixed and mobile user networks have been defined and characterized as a starting point of the activity.

Feature survey
The present features of 2-way satellite products have been detailed and compared. Starting at the Satellite 2009 event in Washington, an extensive interview campaign took place. Leading operators and manufacturers bought an extremely valuable contribution to the survey. In particular, operator’s appreciation of current products features was given, as well as their requirements for future features.

Business cases
On this basis of the user segments characterisation, a business plan has been prepared for each of the 8 user network and a sensitivity analysis was performed.

Sensitivity analysis
A mono and multi-dimensional sensitivity analysis has been performed for each of the 8 user networks, allowing to identify least and most sensitive parameters.

As a conclusion, recommendations have been given regarding future areas of developments and standardization on the 2-way broadband satellite market.

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