Generic Maritime Safety Terminal (MST) - Phase 1

  • Status
  • Status date
  • Activity Code
  • Development of the Generic MST software
  • Protocol stack adaptation for FleetBroadband terminal
  • Undertake GMDSS assessment for FleetBroadband within ocean region MEAS
  • Meet administrative procedures of international organizations   such as International Mobile Satellite Organization (IMSO) and IMO
  • Meet an inflexible timeline with changing and unexpected deadlines
  • Justify the choice of undertaking a more strategic project, over a commercial opportunity in the context of a privately owned for profit company
  • Development of a generic software compatible to a wide variety of hardware suppliers
  • Enhancing safety of lives at sea - 1.5 million seafarers rely on global maritime safety and distress services, the second generation MST will be the first FleetBroadband approved GMDSS terminal
  • Enhanced Maritime Safety Terminal incorporating both voice and data
  • Additional safety features such as distress chat
  • Generic software with high degree of hardware independency
  • Distress Alerting
  • Ship-to-shore and Shore-to-ship Distress, Urgency and Safety Priority Messaging
  • Promulgation of Maritime Safety Information (MSDS and Inmarsat-C)
  • Distress Priority "Chat"
Current status
  • FleetBroadband assessment conducted and finalised in October 2017 by IMSO, on behalf of IMO
  • Awaiting IMO FleetBroadband approval at Navigation, Communications and Search and Rescue Sub-Committee (NCSR 5), end February 2018
  • The project has been completed.

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