Status date

HERMES project aims at implementing pilot operations both in Tele-Medicine and in Tele-Education, using asymmetrical Internet via satellite, dedicated hardware / software platforms. Applications implemented for Tele-Medicine are: 

  • Reference Data and Medical Support Services 
  • Multimedia patient record 
  • Teleconsulting (one to one and/or multipoint)

Applications implemented for Tele-education are: 

  • GIOTTO Platform
    - Video lessons (on demand/downloaded)
    - Virtual library
    - Laboratory (download)
    - Collaborative Learning (life)


  • Technological Platform Evolv-e


  • Medical Reference Data
  • Medical Info Services
  • Multimedia Medical Records
  • Tele-consulting


  • GIOTTO Platform
  • - Video lessons
    - Intelligent library
    - Net
    - Virtual Laboratory


  • Collaborative Learning with Evolv-e Platform


  • Cost-effectiveness increase in access and utilisation of Medical Reference Data in clinical and academic scenarios; 
  • Virtual Medical Consulting alternative to real one made possible.


  • Telematic Giotto and Evolv-e Platforms implementation;
  • Virtual Collaborative Learning implementation.

The network basic architecture used to implement and develop this project is based on the Iperspace Platform for telemedicine and Evolv-e for Distance Learning which is composed of:

  • The Service Centre, which hosts the servers equipment;
  • The Hub, composed by: RF earth station, Base Band equipment, connected to the Service Centre;
  • The Client, or the users receiving device ensuring the link to the Service Centre via satellite.

The Service centre provides the link and the hosting to the following application servers:

  • The J-Hospital Multimedia patient Records for the support to the teleconsulting sessions;
  • Mirror sites of Nettuno Educational Databases, based on 'GIOTTO' platform and delivered via Evolv-e;
  • Mirror sites of IAEVA I, IAEVA II, EURORAD EU Projects Databases and related Medical Info/Consulting/Education/Tutoring Providing Services.

Users will be connected to the SC via ISDN and will receive downloaded data through satellite connection.


1st Phase: Architectural Design

  • Start up: September 1998 - Contract ESA for HERMES Project and start up
  • BDR1 ( 1st Phase End ) : November 1998 - Architectural Design

2nd Phase: Service Implementation and marketing development

  • Start up: December 1998
  • MTR1 ( Telemedicine Platform set-up ): February 1999
  • March 1999 - HERMES network update after definition of detail architecture
  • MTR2 ( Service Implementation and Marketing Development, Tele-Education Platform set-up ): May 1999
  • MTR3 (Service Implementation and Marketing Development, Telemedicine Platform upgrade ): December 2000
  • MTR4 (Service Implementation and Marketing Development, Tele-Education and Telemedicine both operatives ): May 2001
  • MTR5 (Service Implementation and Marketing Development, Tele-Education Platform upgrade, Telemedicine Platform final tests ): April 2002
  • September 2002 : Change Notice addressing the transfer of Prime Contractor represented by Telecom Italia to Telespazio
  • January 2003 : Beginning of the Pilot Trials HERMES Project for both the disciplines: Telemedicine & Tele-Education
  • Final Review HERMES Project: April 2004
Current status

The Final Review of the HERMES Project is considered successfully completed.