Identification of opportunities for satcom actors in a low-carbon society

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Satellite services are already successfully adopted in specific verticals as energy, but the emergence of the smart grid opens an array of opportunities which can be partially captured by satellite and space based services. The scope of the study is to identify and assess opportunities for satellite service providers to extend their service line and/or market segments’ reach.

The objectives of the study are to i) identify opportunities for the space industry in the energy domain ii) identify requirement for satellite services iii) to identify a cost benefit analysis of the identified solutions iv) to propose a roadmap for the implementation of satellite solutions and commercial roll-out.


The main challenges of the project are related to the number, geography and duration of the projects happening on a global scale for the de-carbonisation of the energy supply and the implementation of the smart grid as well as players involved.


The study is divided in three parts. In the first part are developed the analytical activities to narrow down the energy domains, identify the major initiatives with regard to business opportunities and define requirements for the projects/initiatives.

The second part of the study deals with the assessment of the suitability of the satellite state of the art satellite solutions for the selected projects. In addition it is evaluated if a sufficient business opportunity exists for satellite service providers.

The third part is the final step in the study aimed at the definition of high-level architectures and the proposal of an implementation roadmap.

Current status

The project is complete. The main achievements are the compilation of a global database of projects and initiatives, a preliminary business analysis of the opportunities for satellite covering renewables and smart grid. The requirements of the selected projects have been reviewed and a preliminary high level assessment against satellite capabilities. The three technical concept architectures are developed and roadmaps for their implementation are defined. 

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