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The project was aimed at developing a demonstration system for IP data delivery of a Satellite TS.


The project has addressed the major issues associated with the design of a low cost product for use in the consumer environment. The eventual product will need to be user friendly with rugged software. The unit will also need to be reliable and operate over a wide temperature range.

The project draws on some of the knowledge gained from the development of a coax based concept test platform already delivered to ASTRA, but took this initial test concept further to integrate the Optical functionality as well as add adtitional software functions and capability based on what was learnt from the initial demonstrations and tests with ASTRA.

Some of these system subsections were further integrated in order to more accuratly represent the final product line up. The next stage of this devlopment will be a unit designed for a specific customer application, following customer demonstrations with this current generation of hardware.


To enable Satellite TV customers to view content on multiple video display devices via an IP network.

The outcome of this project is the development of a demonstration system. This consists of mutiple system components that represent the initial system concept for the new IP distribution system for DBS signals. This demostration system consists of a Global Invacom Optical LNB with a single cable IF Optical Output and an Optical to IP convertor appliance. The IP outputs of this unit being supplied on Plastic Optical Fibre .In essence the system receives satellite transponder streams and packages them over IP for distribution of content over the home IP network.
The content will consequently be viewable on any networked IP device in the home that has had the appropriate software installed to gain access to the DBS content on the network. It is expected that these devices will be Ethernet compliant TV’s, Networked Games Consoles, IP TV STB’s etc.

The IP interface to the system is designed to be compliant with the SAT>IP specifications being developed by ASTRA.

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Current status

The demonstration hardware has been completed and the results have been presented. The project is now completed.

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