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The objective of the study is the identification of security technologies and architectures that can ensure the secure delivery of corporate content over IP satellite networks. The study will concentrate on IP services using DVB-S for the outbound channel with return interaction channel via terrestrial PSTN/ISDN or SCPC satellite links. Furthermore, the study is restricted to transparent 'bent pipe' satellite links.

The Prime Contractor is VEGA Group PLC whose business includes Space Engineering, Information Technology, and Computer Based Training solutions. Kingston inmedia is involved as a Subcontractor due to their experience in Broadcast Solutions, IP & Carrier Services, and Corporate & Enterprise Services.


There are two main issues:

  • Over-the-air satellite links provide additional interception opportunities which need to be closed off. For a corporate, the reliability and availability of services will be paramount as will the availability, integrity and confidentiality of the data transmitted over the satellite links.

  • Performance over satellite can be adversely affected by some security solutions. In particular, the use of Performance Enhancing Proxies (PEPs) to overcome latency issues has implications for the provision of end-to-end security at the network layer.
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    The study comprises the following activites:

  • Security risk analysis of the basic architecture that comprises a typical IP over satellite network

  • Survey and assessment of existing security technologies, e.g. IPSec.

  • Survey and assessment of emerging security technologies, e.g. biometrics.

  • Recommend secure architectures for corporate intranets that use satellite links

  • Produce an outline design for a security technology demonstrator
  • Current status

    All the tasks in the above study plan have been completed.
    The VEGA Final Presentation was presented at ESTEC on the 22nd April 2002 and is available.