M2MSatNet Realising Future Low Cost and Large Scale M2MSatellite Networks

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The objectives of this activity are: 

  • Studying next generation M2M satellite networks (potentially including upgrades of existing infrastructure) which could be realistically put into operation by 2023; 
  • Identifying System-level solutions that can support the satellite sector in capitalising on the future growth in M2M service sector; 
  • Identifying technology development needs in order to realise such future networks; 
  • Providing recommendations on operational environment like standardisation, licensing and radio regulations

Challenge is to find potential applications where terrestrial IoT/M2M systems are not suitable. More, a satellite-based M2M system has to be defined in the way that

  • terminals can be realised in a low-cost approach,
  • the system supports massive access,
  • and systems costs shall not exceed the potential revenue.

The performance of the candidate systems is evaluated by means of research, python simulation, analysis/characterization/ and stochastically post processing data in order to derive characteristic and representative figures of merit (FoM).


The activity gives a recommendation how a next generation M2M satellite-based system shall be designed, regarding addressed use-cases and market possibilities, terminal design, selected waveform, frequencies in use and the required satellite constellation. With these results, the components of such a system can be developed within next activities. The study suggests a timeline for the realization of the entire M2M system. Finally, the study proposes recommendations for future work.


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Current status

Project has successfully been finished. All documents and software models were delivered to esa.

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