MCTR - Mono-clamp Technology for Release Actuators

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Develop and de-risk innovative technology to be used in Release Actuators. The initiator receives the electrical actuation signal from the spacecraft and transforms this electrical signal into mechanical action, initiating the release of a high preload. The described activity covers the development and thorough de-risking of the initiator technology for use in Release Actuators.


The key challenge is to combine the following development goals: low generated shock, highest reliability and ECSS-compliance, excellent competitiveness.


The technology is to be used in a Release Actuator product which has a low cost, highest reliability and low generated shock.


The technology is compatible with existing electrical and mechanical interfaces. Furthermore, it features internal redundancy for higher reliability.

System Architecture

The developed technology is based on proven physical phenomena, combined with unique assembly allowing highest reliability and excellent affordability.


The described activity has the following major milestones: Requirements Review, Detailed Design Review, Final Review. Furthermore, additional milestones were included before and after the de-risking tests.

Current status

The development project was successfully completed. Development targets were met.

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