MENDHOSA Media & ENtertainment Delivery over Hetnet with Optimized Satellite Architecture

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The study’s objectives were to answer to some overarching questions :

- Is there a need for Satcom solutions from the terrestrial community, under which conditions, and what needs to be defined to do that?

- Will the first disruption of the Satcom sector be sufficient?

- What will be the necessary technologies, products and architectures [On the satellite side] to address the evolving needs of the terrestrial community?

- How to ensure a vertical integration with terrestrial players covering business solution and technological aspects?

- How to evolve the business model to address efficiently the issues currently faced by terrestrial actors and to show that satellites can be a credible alternative [or complement] to the terrestrial only approach.


Identify the requirements for Future satellite solutions to augment terrestrial solutions (mainly 5G), up to the point where terrestrial actors may get a competitive advantage on their market, in term of deployment CAPEX/OPEX, service attractiveness or user QoE.


The Mendhosa study has developed its recommendations to the ESA from February to September 2016.

Phase 1 to April 2016 examined the requirements and needs of the IT & Media sectors in 2020-25 before developing and down-selecting suitable integration satcom scenarios. Reference scenarios have been finalised with the agency at Milestone 1.

Phase 2 to September 2016 identified and assessed the benefits of innovative features on a reference SatCom architecture. These are used to prepare the roadmap and recommendations for the Agency.

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