MIMO HW Demonstrator

Status date

The MIMO HW Demonstrator project will study and evaluate the applicability of MIMO techniques to satellite communications with the key application as DVB-SH.

The work has been divided into 2 phases, where the 1st phase focuses on the study and develops a SW simulation environment to evaluate the performance of the selected MIMO techniques.

The 2nd phase will then develop and implement a real-time HW test-bed, which will be used to demonstrate and evaluate the concept and techniques studied in the 1st phase.

The project will study and define multi-antenna (MIMO) techniques that can be utilized in satellite systems to improve the system performance.

Secondly, the project shall develop a real-time HW demonstrator that will be used to evaluate and demonstrate the performance of the MIMO solution.

The project deliverables comprise:

  • Technical documentation, reports of project achievements and progress,
  • A SW simulation environment with a user guide,
  • A complete MIMO HW demonstrator including the MIMO radio channel emulator with detailed design documentation of the developed air interface functionality.

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State-of-the-art MIMO techniques and their applicability and utilization in satellite systems.
Real-time demonstration of such techniques in a HW test-bed.


Utilization of multi-antenna techniques (MIMO) is one of the most important technologies to improve the capacity and reliability of a broadband radio communications link. MIMO is used commonly with many current terrestrial communications systems such as WLAN and WiMAX but utilizing it in satellite / hybrid systems introduces new challenges in addition to the clear potential to increase the system performance.

The project studies these issues and will provide information about the performance of MIMO with satellite systems. In addition, the information will be used to contribute to international standardization.

The project collaborates very closely with DVB-NGH standardization work and the key players such as Nokia and BBC in defining the MIMO schemes for both terrestrial and satellite segments.




Phase 1 (1.7.2010 – 1.3.2011)
WP1 will perform a state-of-the-art review of MIMO techniques and define relevant system scenarios and radio channels.
WP2 shall select the detailed MIMO parameters, develop a SW simulator and perform simulations.
WP3 shall define the requirements and system architecture of the HW test-bed

Phase 2 (1.3.2011 – 31.05.2012)
WP4: Detailed design of the test-bed
WP5: Development and implementation of the test-bed
WP6: Demonstrations and performance evaluations

Current status

The project is proceeding according to the plan, contractual status is ok.

WP1 completed, TN1 and TN2 ready for review.
WP2 on-going, simulator development in the verification phase, MIMO algorithm integration about to start. Currently the MIMO algorithm selection is in it’s final steps.
WP3 requires further input from WP2 and will start in mid-December.

Next major milestone is the Baseline design review (BDR) in January.

Final review for phase 1 (PDR) due at the end of February 2011.