Miniature Release Actuator (MiRA) Mini Hold-Down Release Actuator

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Develop a competitive Miniature Release Actuator, having a preload capability of more than 1 kN, optimised for the use on small satellites. The item shall be reset-able by the user. In the frame of the ARTES project, several concept designs are being elaborated and brought to BB / EM level. Then, the winning concept was further matured and qualified on company funding, because the resulting product is highly competitive and serves a clear market need.

Miniature Release Actuator objectives


There is a strong market pull for a miniaturised release actuator product, addressing the main needs of customers in the small satellite segment: reliability, small size, user reset-ability and reasonable price.


The novel Miniature Release Actuator is a competitive product, meeting customer need for high reliability, small size, user reset-ability and affordability.


Miniature Release Actuator (MiRA) product features


System Architecture

The Mini Release Actuator (MiRA) consists of a secondary actuator, and a cartridge-based initiator.


The product is developed in a consortium, providing vast expertise in every discipline needed. The consortium is led by Space-Lock, supported by sub-contractors AAC (tribology and material testing), RHP Technology (material development), and FHWN (cube sat builder).

Several generations of the Miniature Release Actuator are designed, analysed, produced and tested. The final hardware generation (BB/EM) is tested to TRL 5-6. Then, the winning design is further matured and qualified on company funding.

Current status

Project completed Q1/23.

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