MSURA Medium Size Unfurlable Antenna Reflector

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The project objectives are:

  • To demonstrate the feasibility of the manufacturing of large thin shells antenna deployable reflectors
  • To demonstrate the functional capabilities of these reflectors
  • To draw a roadmap for the development of an EQM.

The challenges are to develop and produce accurate deployment and latching mechanisms, without decreasing the benefits of the thin shell reflectors.


The product benefits are:

  • Large antenna reflector
  • Accommodation under fairing
  • Shaped shell for Ku missions

The product is composed of:

  • the thin shell reflector, with 1 central panel and 2 mobile panels (for the demonstrator: 1 mobile panel),
  • the deployment mechanisms, to move the mobile panels from stacked position to the deployed position
  • the latching devices to hold the panels in the deployed configuration.
System Architecture

The deployment mechanism consists in 2 sub-assemblies:

  • 2 synchronised, articulated arms for the deployment of the mobile panels
  • 1 swivelling device in order to give clearance for the mobile panels to deploy without clashing with the central panel. 


The project is broken down into 2 phases :

  • Phase 1: to develop a solution for 5m unfurlable reflector antenna, conclude by a PDR
  • Phase 2: to develop, produce and test a 3m demonstrator.
Current status

Project is completed

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