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The project’s goal is to develop transmitter (TX) and receiver (RX) modules, which include the active electronics as well as the radiating antenna elements. These tile-like modules allow antenna builders to make efficient and low-cost Ka-band phased arrays for user terminals and other ground segment applications.


The key challenges are the ambitious goals to co-design and integrate the antenna, package and custom chipset into one module, combined with the aggressive timeline.


The proposed product shall offer a low-cost, modular way to antenna and terminal builders, to develop Ka-band user terminals and arrays for LEO/ MEO/ GEO satellite communication connectivity.


Features of the Nebula module are:

  • Tight integration of electronics and radiating elements
  • High RF performance due to holistic co-design
  • Modular
  • Low-cost
  • Greatly simplifies the antenna board design, both in design complexity as material cost

System Architecture

The overall system architecture includes the radiating elements together with the custom developed active electronics. Each module has advanced beamforming capabilities and can be combined and assembled into whichever aperture size the end application requires.


The project has a technology phase with KO, RR, PDR, CDR and PCR milestones.

Current status

The project kicked off in March 2024. Work currently in progress.

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