NGHYB - Next Generation Hybrids

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The over-all objective is to reduce cost, mass, footprint and delivery time to customers. The goals in this project are to design an RF chain with smaller size, lower recurring costs, and shorter lead time than the current hybrid solution.

  • CTE matching between packages and board material. The importance of having a fully CTE matched PCB stack-up with the QFN package has been addressed. 

  • Package MMICs with maintained performance. Higher level of integration also implies reduced flexibility and creates a necessity for very accurate system and component level modelling and simulation. The comparison between the results from MMICs measured in the probe station and QFN packaged MMICs shows that the impact of the QFN package is very small. 


The program will make Beyond Gravity competitive both in Europe and US in the product area.


Converter chains realized using surface mount parts where multifunctional MMICs have been placed in ceramic packages.

System Architecture

The complete RF chain is implemented with a total of two MMICs, Mixer-MMIC including RF, LO and IF amplifiers and Power Amplifier (PA)-MMIC.  Each in a ceramic (HTCC) QFN package. Apart from the two MMICs, the RF chain contains in- and output isolators and a ceramic RF input filter and a coaxial cavity IF filter. All except the IF filter are possible to assemble using SMT.


KO: Sep 2016

BDR: Feb 2017

PDR: Feb 2018

MMIC TRR: Sep 2019

TRR: Sep 2020

Final Review: June 2023 TBC

Current status

Frequency converter chains (6/4 GHz, 14/12 GHz and 18/12 GHz) with MMIC mixer and output amplifiers has been designed, manufactured and measured. 
The development has included MMIC designs, design of PCB material and evaluation of technology required to realise this in surface mount manufacturing using ceramic packages.

The NGHYB program has proven that it is possible to implement a complete RF chain in a converter using 100% SMT technology.

NGHYB current status

The project is completed.

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