PIM - Paradigm Interface Module

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The objectives of the Paradigm PIM development project are centred around the key elements of development, which are to:

  • Provide a smaller sized interface for the internal configuration interface
  • Provide an improved interface for PIM operations
  • Provide over-the-air services available to the PIM
  • Provide power management options to the user
  • Provide an environmentally sound agnostic terminal controller efficient thermal cooling and the capability of internally assimilating all major satellite modems.


The key challenge is to improve the operation and potential of the PIM to satellite terminal operators and manufacturers alike by meeting the development requirements in time to meet the market demand.


The PIM is targeted at terminal operators by simplifying operations, minimising operational expense and targeted at adding these benefits to existing and new satellite terminals around the world.

The key elements addressed by the project are

  • Simplifying satellite terminal operation
  • Reducing operational and training expense
  • Maximising operational capability across satellite terminals by providing a network operator approved terminal controller that can provide a common operating interface for many satellite terminals
  • Advancing the over-the-air capability of satellite terminal management

Paradigm’s PIM development leads to an advanced feature set that includes

  • Faster, concise configuration and management interface
  • Advanced operation interface
  • Over-the-air service options
  • Configurable Power Management
  • Environmentally rated external casing with advanced passive thermal cooling
System Architecture

The PIM Architecture consists of the PIM management web interface which in turn manages the connected peripherals and the operator interface which enables the user to operate the satellite terminal without any connected interfaces. 


The PIM features project is due to reach completion early 2021.

Current status

The project has commenced and passed the System Review, continuing with the further development of the stated features.

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