PPU Qualification - Power Processing Unit Qualification

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The objective is the qualification of the Power Processing Unit (PPU) developed for mega-constellations of satellites and development/validation of its manufacturing/production chain.

The PPU controls the Hall-Effect Thruster (HET) and associated Xenon Feed System (XFS) on the basis of programmed procedures and commands received from the On-Board Computer. 


The challenge is to use automotive processes and new COTS EEE parts and adapt them to Space quality standards reaching a high volume production and low cost adapted for mega-constellations.


The expected benefits are to answer the expectations of innovative equipment to be used in the near future for validation and qualification of telecommunication applications with a market target cost product for mega-constellations.


The qualification uses adapted automotive processes for space environment.

System Architecture

The system uses standard test benches from automotive world, with adaptation to match the standard space rules and the needs of the project.


The project consists in three major tasks with the development of the EGSE, the qualification of the production chain and the qualification campaign of the PPU QM. Major milestones are holding a Qualification review and the delivery of the final report.

Current status

Test bench under validation, EQM equipment shall enter into Qualification soon.