Q/V-band Frequency Converter

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The objective is to design, build, and test an EM of a Q/V-band frequency converter for future telecom payloads.


A Q/V band Receiver featuring a state-of-the-art noise figure has been developed in the frame of this ESA Contract n. 4000106164 for future payload in Q/V band . The receiver performs a down-conversion from 47.2-50.2GHz to 17.2-20.2GHz. All the functions are assembled in a compact Engineering Model unit, housed in a mechanical box in aluminum with WR19 input I/F, RF coaxial connector as an output I/F and DC connector. The microwave section is housed in a Hybrid module featuring chip&wire technology. Several novel building blocks operating in Q/V band have been

developed, fabricated and tested in the frame of this study, such as LNA MMIC, Mixer MMIC, low loss isolator and WR19 to microstrip transition. Test results show excellent agreement with expected performances: noise figure of the complete receiver is 4.0dB in the whole temperature range, gain is 57dB as expected and gain flatness within less than 1dB all over the output band. The mass of the unit is 800gr. Size is 155 X 62 X 118 mm. DC power consumption 9.6W.