QVHD - High Power Q/V-Band Diplexers for Ground Stations

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This activity targets the development of a Q/V-band Rx/Tx Diplexer for ground stations, efficiently covering full gateway uplink and downlink spectrum.


Development of a 500 W Q/V Diplexer, to be used in the future architecture of ground stations.


The development of this Q/V-band diplexer is a key enabler for future ground base stations based on Q/V-band feeder links with an efficient use of the spectrum.

  • Rx Band - Q Band (37.5 - 42.5 GHz)
  • Tx Band - V Band (47.2 - 51.4 GHz)
  • Strong rejection in Tx Band (50.2 - 50.4 GHz)
  • Materials (Invar, Aluminum) to minimize the dimensional changes due to the temperature variations (for power handling)
  • High RF performances
System Architecture

The Q/V Diplexer assembly is the following.

The weight of the whole assembly is 5.7 Kg.

The dimensions on the base are 33 x 21 x 18 cm.


The overall duration of the program is 15 months.

The program foresees a detailed design of a diplexer prototype, the realization of the prototype and the technology experimental demonstration.

The following milestones were established:

  • A Preliminary Concept Review, at the completion of technology selection;
  • A Design Review, at the completion of prototype design;
  • A Test Review, at the completion of prototype implementation and testing;
  • A Final Review and a Final Presentation, at the end of the activities.
Current status

The activities are completed.

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