R3 Artes - R3 Artes – Industrial IoT via smart satellite backhaul

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R3 IoT offers accessible, dependable connectivity anywhere, giving businesses the information that they need to make informed decisions. 

This project will develop the next generation R3 IoT system, incorporating cutting edge technologies, designing for mass-manufacture, and improving the performance of all elements to ensure the R3 end-to-end Industrial IoT service will provide utmost value to our customers across multiple markets.


The key challenge in this project will be bringing together cutting edge technologies from different fields: satellite communications, IoT infrastructure, industrial sensing, public cloud, and combining them together into the R3 IoT service to best meet the needs of our customers and users.


90% of the earth has no cellular connectivity, yet businesses operate in these areas. These businesses suffer from large inefficiencies in extracting local data that is critical to their operations and service delivery models. R3 IoT offers accessible, dependable connectivity anywhere which can give these businesses the information they require at a click of a button, to make informed decisions as needed. Difficulty of implementation, incompatibility with other systems, high cost of infrastructure/implementation and security concerns are often issues which existing products currently suffer from, however the R3 IoT service has been designed to tackle these barriers and provide the functionality and performance expected by target customers.


The R3 system is composed of two primary elements: the R3Cell and the R3Cloud. 

The R3Cell is a smart gateway that can connect to hundreds of end-devices such as sensors, probes, sondes, etc. that collect the information from a customer’s operations. The gateway can process the information and backhaul it over one or more links back to the cloud.

The R3Cloud hosted on public cloud infrastructure for scale and security, provides a web interface to users in order to manage multiple deployments of gateways and end-devices out in the field, as well as manage the end-device data incoming from the connected gateways.

The combination of R3Cloud and R3Cell provide customers with complete end-to-end IIoT solutions which when combined with large numbers of compatible sensors and other devices can provide valuable insight into remote operations.

System Architecture

At a top level, the R3 solutions is composed of two main elements: the first is R3Cell, the smart gateway that is deployed in the field and which bridges communications between IIoT end-devices such (as sensors) and the multiple backhaul satellite communications back to the cloud. The second is the R3Cloud, a web-based Mission Control Software that receives sensor and other data from all the gateways out in the field and provides the functionality required to manage and control large numbers of deployed devices anywhere in the world.

Project Milestone Date

Project Kick-Off and Systems 

Requirement Review (SRR)

May 2020

WP1000 Gate Review: Preliminary Design Review (PDR)

 July 2020

WP2000 Gate Review: Critical Design Review (CDR)

October 2020

WP3000 Gate Review: Test and Readiness Review (TRR)

July 2021 

WP4000 Gate Review: Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)

April 2022

Final Review 

August 2022
Current status

The Project is now complete. All deliverables and documentation will be submitted to ESA as of the 16th August 2022 and the Final Review will be held in the Krucial (formerly R3 IoT) offices on 30th August 2022. Project objectives have been met and certification testing is due to be completed in time for Final Review.

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