SAMOS - Satellite M2M Observatory Study

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  1. The project analysed the current state of commercial satellite machine-to-machine services and forecast its future development.
  2. The project described the current market place for Wireless M2M communications and forecast its evolution for the next 5 years.
  3. With respect to satellite communication it assessed the future addressable Satellite M2M market and described the current M2M business structure and its evolution.
  4. The project described the current Satellite M2M solutions and their competition.
  5. The efficiencies and deficiencies of the current Satellite M2M systems are investigated.
  6. As a result, possible areas of development for extending the share of satellite in the M2M market are identified and evaluated.

Major issues for this research are the assessment of reliable market data because for most satellite operators M2M Services do not yet represent a significant part of the business. As a result, the project incorporates significant primary research activities.


The benefits of this study are to gain transparency of the actual satellite M2M market. This study will then provide recommendations about the most promising development paths for satellite to participate in the growing M2M market.


The findings are documented in a final project report.


The project was divided into 5 work stages.

  1. Analysis of the state of the art of Satellite M2M Commercial Solutions.
  2. Analysis of the entire wireless M2M market place.
  3. Market Survey of the evolution of the Wireless M2M Service Requirements (primary research).
  4. Competitive Analysis for the Satellite M2M Services.
  5. Recommendations for the evolution of the Satellite M2M Systems.
Current status

The activity has been completed, providing recommendations for the future development of the satellite M2M market. As part of this, three business cases have been explored that show different initiatives that could aid the development of the satellite M2M market.

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