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SATBETT-5G shall investigate the satellite backhauling as a solution for 5G mobile networks, using a 5G gNodeB equipment together with LASTING’s Software satellite development hub in Timisoara, Romania.

Through this activity LASTING Software aims to support MNOs in their endeavor to offer connectivity to remote areas by extending their network coverage via reliable satellite backhauling.


The integration and interoperability of satellite and mobile networks have historically been challenging due to technical incompatibilities and differing standards. Achieving high throughput on standalone networks, 5G via Fiber Optics backhauling, and Satellite Network on the other part, does not guarantee that the highest throughput available is achieved when both are interconnected. The main challenge for LASTING Software is to adapt and fine-tune the parameters involved: enable acceleration at different levels (GTP, IP, TCP), enable header compression, prioritise traffic based on source and destination ports and/or IP at class level so BestEffort traffic like ping for example to be less important than TCP if this we would consider it RealTimeTraffic as well as to perform multiple tests before being able to present conclusive results, considering all types of traffic and corresponding protocols  (udp, tcp, ping, http), classes of traffic (besteffort vs realtimetraffic), accelerated vs no-accelerated.


The current project is a step towards a commercially viable product, specifically a technology de-risking phase. 
Secondly, we want target an end-to-end commercial demonstration to potential customers. 
Ultimately, we plan to offer an integrated set of consultancy, prototyping and certification services in the context of private mobile networks over satellite as a service.

The solution that LASTING Software provides as part of this project employs an existing satcom demo lab that is currently used to showcase the satellite as a viable, performant alternative for MNOs and special private networks. We therefore bring to the table the benefit of an existing infrastructure, already deployed and functional.

On top of that, LASTING Software has significant satcom and telecom expertise: this is an important resource on which the entire project is built. Subsequently, our company’s expertise in custom software development acts as a binding agent, allowing us to combine the previously mentioned satcom and telecom knowledge and deploy performant customer-tailored solutions.

satbett 5g benefits


SATBETT-5G is an integration and optimization project. We aim to study the feasibility of satellite backhauling as a solution for 5G mobile networks, using a 5G gNodeB equipment together with our satellite development hub in Timisoara, Romania. 

The main product features are: 

  1. Network benchmarking platform: throughput and latency are the primary characteristics that are analysed while comparing different network instances. 
  2. Satellite emulator profiles (non-GSO): extended satellite channel profiles and graphical user interface of channel emulator. 
  3. 5G over satellite demonstrator: This component implements and showcases a solution in pilot stage that will enable a backhaul full satellite link for a 5G terrestrial infrastructure.
System Architecture

The main products or elements are described below.

Satellite Network and Mobile Network
Full environment provides the capabilities of emulating transmission over a satellite link with all the necessary features and functionalities like traffic acceleration, header compression, traffic encryption, different types of traffic optimization.

Satellite Channel Emulator 
Satellite channel profiles are defined and a UI used to setup the parameters related to channels characteristics.

Application Server 
A server running a stable Linux release capable of supporting diverse types of client-server applications like web server, FTP server, storage capabilities, video client-server for streaming and any other application required for traffic-based tests.

Traffic generator and Reporting Application
Cross-platform mobile app, capable of generating diverse types of traffic via the application server and measure various network performance metrics (e.g. throughput, latency).

satbett 5g architecture


There are two major milestones, at T0+4 (MS1) and T0+8 (FR).

At MS1, the satellite network platform and the channel emulator shall be upgraded and a preliminary integration between the 5G and satellite networks should be performed. Also, a first draft version of the traffic generator solution should be available.

At FR, the integration of the mobile and satellite networks should be complete, and a final version of the traffic generator solution should be used to validate the solution and the E2E test plan.

Current status

The SATBETT5G activity is completed in December 2021.

The main achievements are:

  • 5G network and satcom network integration
  • Traffic generator application – measures network performance afferent to various protocol types
  • Chanel Emulator new wrapper interface – load custom LEO and MEO profiles (default is GEO)
  • Theoretical model for LEO and MEO profiles
  • Performance on E2E accelerated 5G traffic over satellite system (TCP, UDP, FTP, HTTP, ICMP)

The SATBET5G is followed-up by further development of the associated enhanced technologies in ARTES INSTANT5G activity. 

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