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The maritime user applications requiring access to communication systems can be divided into 6 main areas:

  • Safety & Security
  • Vessel operations
  • Regulations/Policy
  • Tracking & Monitoring
  • Crew Welfare
  • Shared Situational Awareness

Within the project the current and planned communication system are evaluated. Furthermore, the statutory maritime communications requirements are identified. In a next step demands are derived, followed by the opportunity for satellite systems, services and technologies.


Main challenges of the Project SatCom4Mar are the compilation of all information and the identification of opportunities and their selection.


The main outcomes of the selection process of identified opportunities will be disseminated to relevant bodies. A developed road map towards potential new satellite systems and technology candidates could lead the way towards technologies which are promising to be investigated.


Methodology and Criteria for the Selection of Identified Opportunities.


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1.    The first step will deal with definition of service selection criteria and an analysis of the service requirements, followed by the selection of the services which show significant potential. The selected services will then form the basis for the further analysis in the remainder of the project.
2.    The second step will deal with the selection of satellite systems and their technologies. The selection will be based on an assessment of the abilities of the different technologies measured against the requirements of the different services resulting from the first step. For the evaluation the list of criteria presented hereafter may be used as starting point but will be refined and finalized within the project. The selected satellite systems and technologies will then form the basis for the further analysis in the remainder of the project.

SatCom4Mar undergoes three main paths: First the on-going and future developments in regulatory and commercial areas of maritime satellite communications are investigated including the identification of possible opportunities. Then, a Workshop will disseminate these findings after 6 months and finally, a high-level system study of selected opportunities is done defining a road map.

Current status

The project recently started with a Kick-Off beginning of September 2013.

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