SatWear - Satellite Communication with Wearables

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The general objective of the activity is to identify and demonstrate promising services in case wearables can communicate directly with communications satellites.

In more detail the objectives are to:

  • Identify services using wearable satcom that could be enabled through the advancement of various technologies, within the next 5 years, while taking into account the market, regulatory, economic, commercial and socially related aspects of such services.

  • Demonstrate several short-term Proof-of-Concepts (PoC’s) that shall stimulate the discussions around wearable satcom and – more in general - shall trigger a notion that satcom could be economically an option for the wearable market.

  • Draw up a roadmap for further developments and measures to be taken.

  • For clarity: Typical transportable, portable, and satcom-on-the-move solutions are not within the scope of this activity.


The first challenge is to find wearable technology use cases and scenarios, where…

  • …terrestrial (IoT) communication infrastructure is not available or sufficient

  • … satellite connectivity offers added value 

  • … typical constraints of such satellite connectivity (like SWAP of communication module, message size and rate) match the requirements of the use-cases

Second challenge is to find suitable wearable technologies and satellite-connectivity solutions as PoC´s. These need to be implemented and demonstrated with little effort and within the duration of the project.


The activity shall stimulate the discussions around wearable satcom and – more in general - shall trigger a notion that satcom could be economically an option for the wearable market.
This helps to provide current and future satellite IoT systems with new use-cases.


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System Architecture

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The project execution is demonstrated in the figure below.

Milestone ID Meeting Date
KO Kick-Off Meeting 23-Nov-2022
PCR Preliminary Concepts Review 21-Mar-2023
FCR Final Concepts Review 23-Jun-2023
PDR1 PoC Design Review 10-Jul-2023
PDR2 PoC Demonstration Review 03-Aug-2023
FR Final Review 24-Nov-2023
FP Final Presentation at Space2Connect Conference TBD


Current status

Over 65 possible SatWear use cases were envisioned. In a second step and with the help of experts from the wearables and the satcom industries, these use-cases were elaborated, rated and finally, highlights for the PoC demonstrators were selected.

The five selected use cases were implemented in the form of proof-of-concept devices incorporating one of two different satcom technologies, Iridium as representative of an established system and Fraunhofer’s technology TS-UNB/mioty®, representing the LPWAN-based satellite-IoT protocols:

  • SatBikeHelmet: IMU is detecting a fall event and automatically sending an emergency message to dispatchers via mioty®.

  • Search and Rescue: A person in an emergency (e.g. skier or surfer) can send an emergency message with coordinates to a base station via a Qwiic Iridium 9603N module. 

  • Galileo Safari: Helping safari tourists find animals, obfuscate vulnerable species, and optionally track biosignals via a mioty® module.

  • Live Troop: Transmission of positional and heart rate data of soldiers / emergency personnel via mioty® Module.

  • Geofencing: Preserve wildlife and natural sites with wearable device that informs rangers and tourists when the latter trespass into restricted territory. Positional data is sent via a RockBlock 9602 Iridium Module.

We have completed the last phase of the project (Task 7), the dissemination and roadmap for the future development of satcom-enabled wearables. The activity is officially closed.

The marketing video below gives an overview of this activity.