S-Band High Power Reconfigurable Front-End Demonstrator

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In the frame of this activity, a high-power S-Band semi-active multimatrix antenna has been designed, with the development and test of a demonstrator model.

The objective of this project is the design of a reconfigurable S-band high power reconfigurable antenna with flexible power allocation, working on multiple-beam and global-beam coverage, to cope with changes in user demand over the satellite lifetime. Moreover, the demonstration of the proposed concept is requested and implemented by means of the design, manufacturing and test of a demonstrator for the proposed architecture.


Key task to be addressed during the project is the trade-off between MPA payload architectures and semi-active antenna, and the High-power demonstrator design.


The outcomes of the study and the experience gained during the design and implementation of the demonstrator have provided the know-how for design reconfigurable antenna systems.
This demonstrator will enable TASE to continue with S-Band activities to develop a future S-Band payload.


In this study, the semi-active antenna architecture will be investigated and optimized to design efficient and reconfigurable payload architecture for European coverage.


The study is divided in two phases. The first phase is dedicated to:

  • Reference system scenario and requirement specification definition
  • Preliminary design and demonstrator definition
  • An extended review of the available in literature and patens solutions;
The second phase foresees:
  • Demonstrator design and test plan
  • Demonstrator assembly, integration and test

RF Front-End antenna validation

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