SCOUT - SkyWAN Carry-On User Terminal

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The SCOUT (SkyWAN Carry-On User Terminal) is a system for satellite communications which includes:

  • Antenna (1 m, take-apart pieces)
  • Indoor-unit SkyWAN 1070

It is easily transportable and operational within a few minutes.

SCOUT is intended for the carry-on usage in Europe and other countries.

Using the features of ND SatCom´s product SkyWAN, the SCOUT provides e.g. full mesh connectivity for communications via satellite with other SkyWAN IDUs of the IDU 7000 family from a small mobile terminal. SCOUT can enter new or already existing networks with other SkyWAN IDUs of the IDU 7000 family.

Front Side of SkyWAN IDU 1070

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Back Side of SkyWAN IDU 1070

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The development contributes to a further evolution of the satcom terminal technology.

The project team achieved the following objectives and results:

  • SkyWAN IDU 1070: 1 RU, integrated IP router with OSPF dynamic routing for mesh and star (single hub and multi hub) networks, as indoor version.
  • A proto-type of a new portable SkyWAN terminal
  • IDU 1070 and the new portable SkyWAN terminal are an integral part of SkyWAN IDU 7000 networks, i.e. the user can reach any other site in the network, using the same satellite capacity like all other stations. Automatic routing end-to-end and a broader return channel are differentiators on the communications side.
  • Ease of transportation, ease of handling, robustness and price-efficiency are other key elements of the terminal.
  • Optimization of the overall system and a reduction of costs.

SCOUT will complement ND SatCom´s products in this area as SkyWAN, SkyRAY Light and MPT 1000.
IDU 1070 complements the SkyWAN family and is available as COTS product since April 2010.


The SCOUT provides the feature set of ND SatCom´s SkyWAN product to users with high requirements regarding mobility, reliability and robustness.


SCOUT provides data connectivity of SkyWAN networks to customers with high requirements regarding mobility.

Connectivity is provided to SkyWAN networks with the features of SkyWAN.


The new SCOUT will be:

  • Easily transportable
  • Reliable
  • Robust
  • Light
  • Consisting of few cases compatible with IATA´s regulations for luggage
  • Based on the newest generation of SkyWAN

Features of the ND SatCom´s SkyWAN product can be used for SCOUT:

  • Mesh or star or hybrid network topology (subject to link budget)
  • Best in class TDMA modem performance
  • IP connectivity (full mesh or star)
  • QOS
  • OSPF
  • TCP-Acceleration
  • Easy installation
  • No hub is required
  • Transmission Power Control
  • Bandwidth allocation on demand
  • Network control redundancy options

The SCOUT allows contribution of data from remote locations into already existing SkyWAN networks with IDU 7000 with e.g. mesh connectivity.

Automatic routing end-to-end and a broad return channel are differentiators on the communications side.


The development kicked-off on November 27, 2008 and lasted until May 2010. The project included design, implementation, verification and trials with users at the end of the project.

Current status

The IDU 1070 is available as a product since April 2010.
The SCOUT terminal is available as prototype.
The user tests are finished.
The project has been completed after the final review which was hold beginning of June 2010.

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