Techno-Economic Impact on 5G Standards on European-Canadian Satellite Industry Ecosystem

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The project objectives were the following:

  • Understand the involvement of non-terrestrial stakeholders around 5G (verticals, satellite)
  • Assess how satellite technologies can provide value added for the 5G industry
  • Estimate the benefits of 5G for the satellite sector
  • Provide recommendations and action plans for the European Satellite Industry.

The key challenges of the project were to get a comprehensive view of the ecosystem on potential satellite developments (especially from terrestrial and vertical stakeholders) and to forecast the opportunities for satellite stakeholders around 5G in a context of a technology still to be fully defined.


The project has established the main benefits for the satellite industry, both through a roadmap of technologies that will impact the satellite stakeholders and with a market sizing in 7 vertical markets of the direct access and backhaul access opportunities.  


The four technical Notes include the following elements:

  • current developments from 5G terrestrial players (including national plans) and involvement of vertical stakeholders, so far quite modest.
  • the main expectations from the satellite industry players with 5G.
  • the various benefits that satellite could bring to 5G in various use cases, (especially with direct benefits on vertical markets) with a major focus on chipsets.
  • the reverse view on benefits brought by 5G developments for the satellite technologies, especially around virtualization and MEC.
  • a forecast of market opportunities for satellite around 5G, for both broadband and vertical IoT markets.
  • the sweet spots for satellite around 5G
  • action plans and recommendations.
System Architecture



The project has been organized around 4 major work packages which include : review of developments of 5G (terrestrial plans, vertical plans and satellite players expectations), satellite contribution within 5G (as a technology enabler and as solution for vertical solutions), assessment of benefits for the satellite sector (technology improvements from 5G components and market opportunities) and recommendations and roadmap for the industry.

Current status

The project is now completed and was presented at ESA Satcom Final Presentation Days 2019 late January at ESA-ESTEC, The Netherlands. 

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