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The goal of this activity is to build upon the new M*6100 platform a set of new products meeting the needs of broadcasters, system integrators, telecommunication companies, satellite operators for the upcoming years.

The slice 3 focuses on

•          Developing a high-density device MCX7000 Broadcast Satellite Gateway for data and video applications with support of:

o         up to 4 modulators or 3 demodulators;

o         all multistream capabilities as on MDM6100 modems;

o         higher symbol rates up to 133 Mbaud;

o         AES encryption/ decryption;

•          Providing a new set of features on top of the DVB-S2X standard capable MDM6100 Broadcast Satellite Modem:

o         DSS type of modulation and demodulation, combined with IP interfaces;

o         Equalink 3 predistortion bringing benefit for DTH DVB-S2 8PSK carriers;

o         C-band and Ku-band frequency outputs;

o         Extension of the redundancy support for TS over IP inputs;

o          Monitoring of activity on selected PIDs of incoming Transport Streams. 


The products developed aimed at solving the following user needs:

•          Customers looking for reduced OPEX and CAPEX. By supporting multiple carriers for modulation or demodulation in one 19” rack unit, power consumption and rack space are minimized as well as the (de)modulation cost per carrier is reduced.

•          The new HTS satellites allow for higher symbol rates, resulting in lower cost per MHz transponder bandwidth. MCX7000 extends the maximal rate from 72 to 133 Mbaud.

•          Security on closed video contribution and distribution networks for permanent use. AES encryption on DVB-S2  BaseBand frames  give this level of security where BISS scrambling fails.

•          DTH services with bigger footprint or room for an extra program bring higher benefit for the service provider. Equalink 3 enhance the link budget with up to 0.6 dB in DVB-S2 8PSK mode, typically used in DTH.

•          Compact station lay-out or DSNG uplinks may require a modulator with RF output. C-band and Ku-band options are part of MDM6100 R2.8.

•          The products support redundant incoming TS streams in any IP network configuration. 

•          ECM/EMM messages towards set-top-boxes in DTH systems. Selected PID monitoring on MDM6100 warns if any of these messages are interrupted.


The MCX7000 will help DTH service providers reducing OPEX and CAPEX or provide more density which is a major concern for DTH back-up stations.

The MDM6100 will help DTH service providers in offering extra capacity, optimizing station lay-out and in monitoring critical messages.


For the MCX7000, the architecture evolution was very important:

•          The MDM6100 hardware is at the base of the MCX7000 hardware. The three slots for extra processing, part of MDM1600 hardware are being used on MCX7000 for additional modulator, demodulator or ASI interface boards.

•          The MDM6100 main board is upgraded with highest end FPGA and processor versions for the same chip footprint.

•          Power supply upgrade and thermal redesign of MDM6100 platform were required to cope with MCX7000 requirements.

•          The MCX7000 software is an evolution of MDM61000 multistream software, adding multi-carrier capability.

Main features of this multistream software are

o         The datapath is able to carry multiple streams instead of one. The number of streams is theoretically unlimited.

o         All TS inputs are handled in the same way, irrespective if the data come from the ASI input, from the TSoIP input, from the demodulator input or from any other internal module

o         This data model allows describing the product functionality in terms of a dynamic connection of processing blocks instead of having a static frozen datapath.

For the M6100 / MDM6100, only the GUI model needed to be extended with an extra input stream block, “Redundant TS over IP”, for support of source and port redundancy.


Both MDM6100 and MCX7000 provide the following key features:

•          Highest system reliability and service uptime through robust design and industry leading redundancy solutions

•          Low Total Cost of Ownership as a result of very high bandwidth efficiency technology options, and ease of monitoring and control

•          Optional Equalink 3 predistortion

•          Supports SFN Networks using transparent TS pass-through

•          Optional AES or BISS de/encryption

•          Demodulator supports the Equalink 3 calibration protocol

•          Feature-based pricing and software upgrades

•          Pay-as-you-grow flexible licensing scheme

MCX7000 specific:

•          133 Mbaud and 425 Mbps maximal rates

•          Configurations

o         4 x DVB-S2X carrier modulator

o         3 x DVB-S2X carrier modulator with optional ASI interfaces

o         Modem with one or two modulators with optional ASI interfaces

o         3 x DVB-S2X carrier demodulator

o         Modem with one or two demodulators with optional ASI interfaces

•          Multistream reception and transmission

•          Up to 8 Transport Streams mux/demux on GbE (TSoverIP) and 6 on optional ASI interfaces

•          4 x built-in MPE de/encapsulators up to 70 Mbps

•          Optional AES or BISS de/encryption

MDM6100 specific:

•          Single Transport Stream modem with optional 20 Mbps data stream via MPE en/decapsulation

•          Baud rate range: 256 kbaud – 72 Mbaud

•          Optional integrated upconverter (Ku- or C-band)

•          Optional integrated RF upconverter (Ku-band or C-band


The slice 3 of the UmiB project is covering the period October 2014 – September 2016.

Current status

The slice 3 is completed. This brings the whole UmiB project to end. Resulting products are commercially available.

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