VEGA VEGA : Newtec Dialog with DVB-S2X capabilities

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The “VEGA” set of feature certainly wants to strengthen the high-ends for the various market segments.  Currently, a time window and market opportunity is present for high throughput, high peak rate networks while still have an efficient usage of the satellite bandwidth in a flexible manner.

The VEGA outcomes are focusing on this part of the markets; at the same time the general feature set and ease of operability of the Newtec Dialog system is also strengthened.


The MDM5000 is being designed and developed around state of the art electronic components.


The key items developed in this project are:

  • A new satellite terminal within the Newtec portfolio of terminals targeting the high-end market requiring high throughput and high efficiency, called the MDM5000. It main features are:

        - Support of DVB-S2X in the forward link (instead of DVB-S2 as all terminals today).

        - Support of throughput of up to 100/25 Mbps accelerated traffic in FW/Rt link respectively.

  • An evolution of the Newtec Dialog Hub with key differentiators:

        - Support for  DVB-S2X in the forward up to 133 Mbaud per SatNet, 300 Mbps per satNet

        - Terminal certification and enhanced handling


System Architecture


The project has run till March 2019

Current status

The project has been successfully finalised in March 2019

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