ARTES 4.0 Pioneer Call for Proposals Opened 

With the current large growth for space-based services, now is the right time, more than ever, to further supportPioneer Partnership Projects the emergence of new European and Canadian Space Mission Providers, lowering the barriers for entry into space markets and attracting new entrepreneurs.

The objective of Pioneer Partnership Projects is to facilitate the emergence of new Space Mission Providers offering a one-stop-shop for customers wishing to demonstrate innovative space solutions. The projects are targeted at affordable and timely access to space, lowering the barriers for demonstration of innovative services, and include one or more in-orbit validation missions to demonstrate and showcase the service.

Companies who are interested to join the Pioneer Programme are encouraged to access the Tender Action Package (reference 4-40011) on esa-star. The tendering process will follow a two-step approach with companies first submitting an outline proposal for evaluation by the Agency before progressing to the full proposal stage. Any questions on the Pioneer Call for Proposals can be addressed to the following dedicated email address:

Seven Pioneer Partnership Projects have already been contracted with companies from four different Member States. From these projects, twenty spacecraft have already been launched, with one planned in 2023 and seven more planned in 2024/25, demonstrating the high interest and effectiveness of the Pioneer Partnership Projects programme.

Pioneer Partnership Projects is part of ESA’s Advanced Research in Telecommunications Systems (ARTES) 4.0. For more information go to:



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ESA and Swissto12 have signed a contract for the full development and qualification of a new product line of satellites called HummingSat.

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Beam-hopping JoeySat ready for launch

An advanced broadband satellite that will provide high-speed internet connectivity from low Earth orbit has left OneWeb Florida facilities for Vandenberg launch pad.

Beam-hopping JoeySat has shipped

An advanced broadband satellite that can offer high-speed internet connectivity anywhere on Earth is ready to enter its final assembly ahead of launch.

The beam-hopping satellite – nicknamed JoeySat after a baby kangaroo – will be used to…

First small geostationary HummingSat sold

Satellite operator Intelsat has placed an order for the first small geostationary “HummingSat” developed as part of ESA’s efforts to support fast, dynamic and agile private space firms in Europe.

The first HummingSat – which will be called…

Reprogrammable OneSat on track for success

The OneSat family of geostationary software-defined telecommunications satellites has passed successfully its first qualification review. The first part of the OneSat qualification review has successfully demonstrated the maturity of the various…

First Eurostar Neo satellite launched

The first satellite to be built under ESA’s Eurostar Neo programme has launched.

The satellite – called Eutelsat Hotbird 13F – was developed and built by satellite manufacturer Airbus for satellite operator Eutelsat. It is based on the…

First Eurostar Neo satellite ready to ship

The first satellite to be built under ESA’s Eurostar Neo programme stands ready to be shipped to its launch site.

The satellite – called Eutelsat Hotbird 13F – is one of an identical pair developed by satellite manufacturer Airbus for…

Europe’s tallest ever communications satellite launched

The fourth Spacebus Neo satellite to benefit from ESA’s Neosat programme has launched into space on board the second Ariane 5 launch mission of 2022.

The 8.9 metre, three-storeys-high communications satellite – which will deliver high-…

Software-defined satellite enters commercial service

Europe’s first commercial satellite capable of being completely reprogrammed while in space is now in commercial use. Satellite operator Eutelsat has sold six of its eight beams – used for data and mobile communications – to organisations…