The objectives of ScyLight are to address the development, demonstration and utilization of innovative optical technologies for satellite communication as well as preparing for new market opportunities and to support industry to develop/extend its manufacturing capabilities and seize related market opportunities.

In pursuit of these high-level objectives, ESA performs system studies, market analyses, initiates developments of critical technologies defined in the ScyLight Wprkplan and ESA maintains an “always open call” to provide support to activities initiated by industry on their own ideas and developments plans.

ESA organizes regular workshops with industrial stakeholders to foster cooperation and to inform about recent developments and trends in the field of optical communications.  

ScyLight is also the home for designing and demonstrating the elements of a “Internet beyond the Clouds" system – the world first High Throughput Optical Network, called HydRON, aiming for Terabit throughput interconnecting space assets to seamlessly integrate them with terrestrial fibre networks.

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