Satellite for 5G

In June 2017 ESA and 16 satellite industry leaders signed a Joint Statement (JS) on their collaboration in the realm of ‘Satellite for 5G’. The Statement advocates further convergence between European industry and institutions on 5G, which was reiterated at the ESA/European Space Policy Institute conference in Brussels on ‘Space and Satcom for 5G: European Transport and Connected Mobility’, also in June 2017. As the conference noted, ESA is defining a framework to support future industrial activities and is working with the European Commission in particular to coordinate and strengthen institutional support in Europe for the convergence of satellite and 5G.

ESA 5G/6G Hub

ESA’s 5G/6G Hub is based at the European Centre for Space Applications and Telecommunications (ECSAT) at Harwell in the UK. It is a place for collaboration, where industry takes advantage of the immense potential of converged satellite and terrestrial communications networks to create innovative applications that benefit society and the environment. The Hub’s laboratory and demo room attracts innovators, researchers and entrepreneurs from across the entire 5G ecosystem – including satellite and terrestrial network operators, equipment providers, and application developers.

The Hub covers businesses at the Harwell Campus and across Europe, and beyond, to connect with other research facilities, fostering innovation in ESA’s member states and globally.  

Developed with information technology company CGI, the centre provides a converged satellite and 5G terrestrial network as a testbed. Using this future 5G environment and state-of-the-art equipment, businesses from many industries partner with ESA to test and develop innovative applications.

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